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Barely twelve years after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans with a vengeance, Hurricane Harvey arrives to wreak havoc in the lone state. With catastrophic floods that have left over 30,000 people in search of shelter, and 450,000 expected to seek help from FEMA, most Americans are searching for ways to help. Over 12,000 National Guards are actively deployed in Houston, and thousands of others rescuers from around the country are rushing to help. There are many great organizations like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army that work to bring swift assistance to those in need. Here are three ways you can help Texas right now.

Harvey’s Devastation in Numbers – via CNN


Red Cross

Red Cross in Houston, Texas

1.Donate to the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is seeking donations to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The American Red Cross has a long established history of humanitarian and emergency assistance. Donations can be made online via their website or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or texting HARVEY at 90999. The organization is manning shelters across Texas and the Gulf Coast as well as providing other types of humanitarian assistance for both victims and volunteers of Hurricane Harvey. To donate click here.


2.Team Rubicon is gathering donations in order to send veterans and first responders to communities that need them the most. As their website states, Team Rubicon is an international non-profit organization dedicated to disaster response. They unite military veterans with first responders to capitalize on their skills to better respond to communities affected by the disaster. A variety of ordinary citizens are acting as first responders across Texas offering relief to those in need, but there are also many instances where ordinary citizens don’t have the tools or the expertise necessary for high-intensity rescue operations. That’s where the members of Team Rubicon come in. With many parts of Texas under water, it is critical that those with the tools to help are given a chance to do so. You can donate directly to them. To donate click here.



Mayor Turner pledges help to Latinos

3. There have been many reports of Latino immigrants in Texas being afraid to ask for help due to fear of deportation. With nearly 600,000 undocumented immigrants in the city of Houston alone, it is imperative to spread the message: Houston’s mayor Sylvester Turner has said that the city of Houston will put Senate Bill 4 on hold so that everyone can seek the help they need. Senate Bill 4, scheduled to go into effect tomorrow, is the bill that outlaws sanctuary cities by allowing police officers to question those they detain about their immigration status.


Mayor Turner also stated that he would “personally represent any immigrant that someone tries to deport.” Immigration and Customs Enforcement along with Border patrol issued a joint statement specifically declaring that no documents would be checked in evacuation sites, shelters or food banks. If you’re interested in helping Latino families in Texas concerned in the wake of Harvey’s devastation FIEL and RAICES are two organizations that support Latino families including those at risk of deportation by providing resources and defense. Contact them now and let them know you’re willing to help.

If you’re still looking for places where you can direct specific types of help please consider Portlight, an organization dedicated to the creation of inclusive disaster strategies. They dedicate themselves to the assistance of disabled individuals and are focused on helping elders and people with disabilities. According to a statement on their website, “Portlight is working in conjunction with the Texan government, FEMA and other local partners to assist those in dire need in ways that are often overlooked.” If you or anyone you know in the Texas area has a disability and needs assistance you can contact Portlight by calling the following hotline (800) 626-4959.

You too can help Texas no matter where you’re reading this from; the chance to contribute is only one click away.

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